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The First Lesson by George Baxter

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About me

George Baxter's stand at the Great Exhibition 1851

I have been running since 2002. I am an avid collector of Baxter prints and anything related to this 19th century colour printer and his licencees. I had been collecting since 1984 and had amassed a LOT of duplicate prints and, as all collectors know, as time goes on, you end up buying a batch of 20 items just to get to one you specifically want, so what do you do with the other 19! In my case it was to start one to try to dispose of some of the many, many spare prints that I had and, also still keep acquiring, and also to promote the name of George Baxter throughout the collecting world.

Many years on and I have made many, many interesting aquaintances. Relatives of Baxter or one of the many subjects of his prints, giving personal insights and stories that make it all come alive. Also swapping information with collectors from across the world, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, China and throughout Europe.

I am a very keen researcher on anything Baxter and hopefully this ‘new’ technology will allow me to interact with other like-minded people with the whole intention for all of us of learning new things and advancing our knowledge. Nothing to learn I hear you say, it’s all been written about in the many books on subject! Not at all – I am ‘discovering’ new things about the subject virtually every day. New books with Baxter woodcuts in – an unknown address for Baxter back in his early days, Robert and Abraham Le Blond dissolving their partnership in 1856, Kronheim going Bankrupt then being bought out. Hopefully by highlighting something that I am now researching others – YOU – can join in. You may not even have known who George Baxter was until a few minutes ago but you might just be able to fill in the holes and answer the questions that we need to better understand this wide and interesting subject – you might just be surprised how much YOU can help and, if you are interested, how much YOU can learn about the subject. Ask questions, who knows who can help answer YOUR question

So please join me, make a post – even its only to say Hi, Yes I collect Baxter too. Please see for loads my information.

Regards – Mic